What do we supply?

We offer all kinds of products including; branded fashion, sportswear, shoes and accessories, as well as children’s and babies’ apparel from store returns, distribution over stocks and factory excess. We also supply a full range of fabric stocks for the textile industry through a dedicated department.

Who are our customers?

We supply across 5 continents to; wholesalers, online platforms, large distributors, supermarket chains, discounters, outlet chains,  catalogue companies, and franchisees.

Where are we located?

Our administrative offices are located in Switzerland and our logistics centers in Barcelona, Istanbul, Poland, Malta and Panama. We also have outsourced independents which allow us to fulfill orders in any corner of the globe. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

Can I see the products before I buy?

Yes of course; We are always delighted to welcome customers to our facilities and are happy to pick you up at the nearest airport.

Where do we source our stock from?

We work directly with the brands we offer as their official liquidating partner for excess inventory.  This way, we have all the necessary paperwork, authorizations and ongoing packages to supply our customers on a continuous basis.

Can I find particular stock upon request?

We are well connected directly with the biggest fashion brands around the world and some of the world’s leading online retail chains. We can purchase goods on your behalf, Or alternatively, we can offer a brokerage service. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will supply it.

What conditions of stock do you have?

All of our stock is handled through our QC and sorted accordingly when needed. We offer a mix of store returns, warehouse and factory surplus stock and grade B product. 

How can I ensure the quality of the goods?

Our customers are always welcome to visit our main warehouse or stock locations upon request. All our branded goods are genuine and backed with the appropriate paperwork where relevant. Any restrictions to the distribution or sale are documented on each of our offers. A visit will also allow you to view your order being prepared. All our stock is handled through our QC and sorted accordingly when needed.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

We work closely with all our customers to find the ideal package for their needs and to get the best commercial pricing within markets.   

Call our team to discuss your needs and to see what we can do for you..

What if I am not comfortable in speaking or communicating in English?

We have a multilingual team that work at Network 360 and work with multiple languages.